Text: Priscilla Wu

    Japanese pop-rock band flumpool is all about keeping things real on their fourth full-length album.

    In a press release announcing the arrival of EGG, vocalist Ryuta Yamamura explained that the album is influenced by the band’s desire to convey their honest thoughts and emotions. EGG taps on “things we could not say freely” as he puts it, barring the need to mince words for listeners who may not share the same interpretation of the album. This upfront and personal route establishes a framework for the album – the music retains the calling cards that originally set them apart from the pack, but deploys a searing hint of experimentation to make the stories they are trying to tell more personally relatable to the listeners.

    EGG begins with the daunting journey of liberation in ‘Kaihouku’, a theme that is also explored in the concert-friendly ‘World beats’, and continues to unpack the complexity one faces as a fragment of society in ‘Yoru wa Nemureru kai?’. The band does not let things remain somber for too long as Yamamura’s vocals tenderly lay over a promise to someone who is “everything” in ‘Kyou no Chikai’. He delves further into romance in ‘DILEMMA’ and ‘LINE’, displaying some of his most emotive vocals in the latter – a welcome reminder of his ability to capture the sentiments of longing and melancholy in ways that strike a resonant chord with listeners.

    ‘Zettai Zetsumei!!!’ and ‘Rinne’ keep the album on its roller coaster track with flumpool’s signature guitar and bass riffs while ‘Dear my friend’ and ‘Blue Apple & Red Banana’ extend the usual trappings with heavier rock elements, making them two of the most infectious tracks on the album. The band gave bassist Genki Amakawa space on ‘Ubugoe’ to explore his songwriting ability, resulting in a charming almost five-minute piece that segues well into the more subtle sounds of ‘Toaru Hajimari no Joukei ~Bookstore on the hill~’, even though the roaring background sometimes threatens to overshadow Yamamura’s voice.

    flumpool makes a final impression on ‘Ashita Kimi ga Nakanai you ni’, a yearning note to a loved one that wraps a thoughtfully orchestrated 14-track album of love and self-exploration.

    Listen to flumpool’s fourth full-length album EGG on Spotify. Catch flumpool live at their [WHAT ABOUT EGGS?] ~Singapore Special~ concert on July 23 at MILLIAN SINGAPORE. Tickets are now available on Peatix.

    Recommended tracks: ‘Kaihouku’, ‘Yoru wa Nemureru kai?’, ‘LINE’ and ‘Blue Apple & Red Banana’