Martynas Levickis likes to push musical boundaries
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Text: Rachel Leong
Photo: Sherman Yang/TPG News/clickphotos

23-year-old Martynas Levickis made history when he became the first ever accordionist to top the UK Classical Artist Album charts, with his debut album iAccordion in 2012.

The accordionist was born in Lithuania (northern Europe), but moved to London at the tender age of 18 to pursue music at the Royal Academy of Music. Some of his more popular pieces include the classic ‘Hungarian Dance No.5 in G Minor’ and a cover of Lady Gaga’s hit song ‘Telephone’.

This Sunday (Oct 16), Martynas will be showing off his accordion repertoire to help raise funds for the beneficiaries of this year’s President’s Challenge. He will be playing the classical piece, ‘Winter’ by Vivaldi as well as a pop song mash-up.

Challenges in being away from home

Other than the financial difficulties that came with moving to London, the only child shared that before he made the move, he only had basic English-speaking skills. He had to struggle with supporting himself, a language barrier as well as all the challenges one faces when moving to a completely new environment.

Despite these obstacles, Martynas has clearly achieved much success -- when asked about his motivations, and he cited his personal character as the main driver, “I like to complete the things I have started. I like challenges.”

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