Gang Dong Won: I stop fans from taking pictures of Kim Woo Bin
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Text: Priscilla Wu
Photos: Golden Village Pictures

Gang Dong Won had an unexpected duty on the set of his latest movie Master.

The 35-year-old filmed the blockbuster crime thriller in the Philippines with costars Kim Woo Bin and Lee Byung Hun. Fans reportedly flocked to the streets of Manila to catch a glimpse of the actors.

“I was surprised that Kim has so many fans in Manila. I asked them how they got to know him, and they said they watched his TV series. They were hiding and trying to take pictures of him. I was right next to them, so I said, ‘Hey, don’t do that’,” Gang said with a laugh. 

Gang and Kim were in town last Thursday (January 12) with director Cho Ui Seok to promote Master. The movie stars Lee as Jin, the mastermind behind a massive Ponzi scheme, and Gang as a detective who leads a team to take down the corporation with the help of an insider played by Kim.

At a press conference held at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Gang revealed he initially felt nervous working with Kim and Lee for the first time.

“I get nervous when I work with other actors for the first time. As the filming goes on, I get to know them better, and it gets more comfortable. But Kim was very polite and kind so everything was fine.”

Kim added, “We were like a family working together. Lee and Gang are my seniors, so I definitely felt nervous [working with them]. But as I am the second youngest actor in the team, they were really nice to me.”

Director Cho, who helmed the 2013 box office hit Cold Eyes, said he did not have time to help the actors be acquainted with one another, but he is pleased with the cast’s performance.

“Gang completed another movie right before [filming started]. He needs a break in between two movies, and it was quite hard for us to catch up before that. Kim was the last actor to join the cast, and he was filming a drama at that time, so we did not have much time to catch up as well,” Cho said.

“They did a much better job than I had expected as they were able to put their own characteristics into the film. I am happy with their performance; I think they did a great job.”

And while Gang and Lee sustained minor injuries while shooting action scenes on set, Kim had an easier time filming a heart-stopping sequence with the latter.

“He is a very experienced action movie star, so he made sure I would not get injured. To be honest, I also filmed action scenes before, and it is easier to get beaten up than to hit someone else.”

Master is out in theatres in Singapore.