Davichi talks about how they maintain their strong chemistry
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Text: Priscilla Wu
Photos: Mode Entertainment

Fans of South Korean television dramas are probably acquainted with pop ballad duo Davichi.  

The duo – Kang Min Kyung and Lee Hae Ri – is the voice behind the soundtracks of popular series such Descendants of the Sun, Iris II, It’s Okay, That’s Love and Scarlet Heart. The official music videos for Descendants of the Sun’s ‘This Love’ and Scarlet Heart’s ‘Forgetting You’ collected over 34 million and 7 million views on YouTube respectively.

In an interview with MeRadio ahead of their first concert in Singapore, Kang and Lee shared how they prepped for their sentimental ballads.

“We immerse ourselves in the lyrics. Lyrics are important in sad love songs, so we have to concentrate and understand what the songs are trying to convey. There were times when we changed the lyrics five minutes before the actual recording,” Lee said.

Besides the familiar OST hits, Davichi has also produced a string of commercially successful albums, including their sixth mini album 50 x Half, which was released in October 2016. The title track ‘Love Is’ received much attention prior to the album’s release when it was reported that actor Lee Jong Suk would be making an appearance in the music video.

“When we received the synopsis of the music video from the director, we thought Lee would be a great fit for the main character. We reached out to him, and he said he would listen to the song first. We were grateful that he likes the song and came down to help us with the music video even though he was very busy with work,” Kang said.

Given that their music is often described by the public as “trustworthy”, we asked them if that puts pressure on them when they are producing new songs.

“In the beginning, we thought we had to meet people’s expectations. But we will take one step back now to focus on our music,” Lee said.

And after working together as a unit for eight years, how do they maintain such strong chemistry between them?

“We are one of the few pop duos left in the Korean music industry. Idol groups are made up of several members, so it is harder for them to become close to one another. As there are only the two of us in Davichi, we have to depend on each other in tough times,” Kang said.